Welcome to Pacific SEATEC

Dear Valued Customers,

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, us, at Pacific SEATEC, LLC are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners, and the many friends who make up Pacific SEATEC’s family.

We hope that your family and coworkers are all well. Our hearts are with those who have been affected personally by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the many communities around the world that are facing extreme measures in the attempt to slow its spread.

We are all dealing with a new reality that is requiring us all to make changes in our operations and lives.  For nearly 27 years, we have been honored by the trust you have placed in us with your training and consulting needs.  

The COVID-19 virus has required that we assess the safety and current viability of our T-2 training format.  We have found the following areas to be of the greatest concern:

  • The close quarters of our facility make it impossible to maintain the minimum social distancing required
  • The "hands-on" instrumentation training requirements as outlined in API RP T-2 practices
  • The continuous interaction between students and Pacific SEATEC staff

Due to our concerns about safety of students and Pacific SEATEC staff, we have concluded that it is necessary for us to discontinue our training program. 

We want to thank you for your past support of our training and consulting services. Some of you we have known and worked with for over 40 years. We want you to know that it has been an honor and pleasure to have worked with you over these many years. We wish you and your families all the best in the future.

If you have need of any of the training equipment, materials or unanswered questions please contact us.

Phillip A Reed        Cathy Lunquist
Director                  VP Operations