Production Safety Systems (T-2)

The purpose of this course is to instruct personnel in control systems designed to protect personnel and petroleum production facilities from malfunctions, accidents and to protect the environment from an uncontrolled hydrocarbon release.

This course is designed to certify experienced personnel working on offshore production platforms in the Minerals Management Service (MMS) required Production Safety Systems training. The instructor follows the MMS requirements described in 30 CFR 250.1520 and API RP T-2. 

Although this course is designed to certify production personnel working in federal waters, it is widely used to train personnel working in state and international waters, onshore facilities in environmentally sensitive areas, as well as representatives of numerous regulatory agencies.

Pacific SEATEC has designed it's safety systems course to help clarify the complex technical and administrative systems involved. Students leave our course with a practical knowledge of the systems, devices and administrative requirements necessary for the safe and environmentally harmonious operation of an offshore production facility.